Help - Pdf data extraction/automation youtube video

I downloaded path studio because I came across a youtube video from uipath studio where they claimed extracting certain data from a pdf is possible. It was two years since the video and so a few things changed but I tried to replicate the video as much as possible. However when I tried both the element get text and anchor base option I got an error message. I don’t whether it is because I didn’t follow the instructions or the fact the value that is to be extracted occurs several times throughout the pdf. You see I’m aiming for them to collect data to determine a pattern for a game. For example, it is a fishing game and every minute is a new cast with resulting stats. Every cast gives me a certain amount of worms ranging from 3-9. So I copy each stats as they come in onto a pdf. What I want to uipath to do is take note a word like “worm” and collect the number that appears near into another pdf so that I can then impute it into excel for a chart.I want it to do it more than one time per pdf but every time the word like “worm” appear in the pdf. I would very much appreciate if someone showed me how to do this. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, even if you can’t help.

@GMardy Could you please share the error message?

Hi @GMardy

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