Help optimising a loop

I am trying to optimise a loop scanning a web page with an endless scroll.

First I grab the total number of items from the top of a web page. When I scroll down the page it loads more items, or children that I “Find” and count. Because it only loads a limited amount at a time this will not equal the total so I repeat this process until the counter and the total are equal.

This takes some time as it has to count the same items many times depending on the total and I wish to make this smarter, thanks in advance for any help and let me know if I can clear anything else up.

I have tried my best to make this compatible with multiple web browsers, but on my current environment it is difficult to test everything right now, but I am certain it works with Google Chrome.

The profile string variable is my own profile, which is fairly large. If you wish you could substitute that with a smaller profile to reduce the time it takes.

Main.xaml (39.2 KB)
ScrollToBottomOfPage.xaml (16.6 KB)
project.json (914 Bytes) (19.2 KB)

Hi @conormacf,
i am not able to open the main.xam file. can you share it in zip file.


Hello @Jyotika_Halai

I have uploaded the .zip, thank you.