Help on unable to Click or Select Drop down from Website that have 2 frames or more

Dear UiPath Gurus

Could you please help as i am having difficulties in selecting a drop down box from a website. Somehow no matter what items i used - Click, Hover the Click, Select, Web Recording the automation won’t click the button.

Please see the screen shot as i just want to click this drop down box. it may be because his web site has 2 frames, 1 to the left and 1 to the right. i may be wrong here but i notice it is easier to click on drop down boxes when its a single web page.

The Green color is 1 frame as you hover over those icon you get to select items and the Purple color is the 2 web page or frame. Ad the Red color is the drop down list. I also tried to select the Drop down list but it did not work as such i had to use the Hot Key “Tab” twice to move it.

Please advice how to go about this please?

give a try on select item activity to interact with the Cabin Class Dropdown. The i frame structures will be reflected in the selectors and should not block

dear @ppr

Thank you for the information. I tried that but it does not work but when i remove the page id from the selector some how it worked.

Thank you for the suggestion. very much appreciated as your information let me into getting this fixed.


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