Help on Data Table, Arrays and Conversation

Hi there,

I have this Excel file with the following details.

  • Row with light grey color is header/Columns
  • Row with dark grey color are Data Type

  1. I would like to Get all information from Excel file into the Data Table

  2. I would like to replace all Null/DB Null values to 0 or “”

  3. I would to change all DataTypes into String DataType

  4. I would to calculate years of experience starting date (Date.Now - Years of Experience) and create a new column for it.

  5. I would like to change date of birth format from 5/29/1980 (MM/dd/yyyy) to 29/5/1980 (dd/MM/yyyy)

  6. I would like to save Data Table into CSV file.

  7. Let’s say I have a stored procedure getListOfBirthDate and parament to be used is @FirstName .I have tried using one name it works fine but when I use an array of names it doesn’t work.

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Hello @wilbardmtei

Can you elaborate more or attach any sample workflow?

Have you created any SP, or you are doing this in UiPath only?


Hi @PrankurJoshi I think my example didn’t have enough info, what I meant is instead of excel data is insert into datatable from SQL Server database using execute query which is integer datatype that some of it’s values are null.

I wanted to find a way of replacing those null values in the datatable to zero before adding them to datatable without using for each. Or change the datatype from integer to string before adding into datatable.

I found a work around tho. I used Add Data Column to add a new column then used for each activity to replace null values while assigning to a new data column.

row.Item("Hold Time") = IF(row.Item("HoldTime").ToString.Length.ToString="0","0",row.Item("HoldTime").ToString)

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