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So I am trying to get UI Path to type into a field. Something like

The issue is that this changes based on different things. The first part is the date then the next section 001 represents how many things you’ve created so if this is the first for the day it’s 001- PA4.1 is constant-YM is initials then ADMIN is constant. How do I achieve this?


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first one can be done like this

where counter is the variable with default value as 1 defined in the variable panel
and it can be increment atlast with a assign activity like this
counter = counter + 1
based on the condition you have oreven you can pass that as input argument

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This will be something like this:
DateTime.Today.ToString(“yyyyMMdd”)+"-"+ intVariable.ToString(“D3”) +"-PA4.1-"+varInitials+"-ADMIN"

Thank you!

Thanks you very much

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Cheers @nanasorbah