Help needed to change Assistant connection type:

Hello. I am new, so take it easy on me: How can I change these options in assistant:
I want to connect using machine key:

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Click on the “Settings” icon or navigate to the “Settings” section in UiPath Assistant.
Depending on your specific context, look for a section or settings related to machine key or Orchestrator connection.
In the appropriate settings section, you should have an option to update or enter your machine key.

In the same page where you are now → delete the service URL and choose Connection Type as Machine Key from the drop and you will get the options like this

Hope this clarifies


The problem is that it won’t delete. The delete button doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I click on it.

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There are no setting options in assistant here.

Alright sign out and change the connection type @Gordon_Freeman


You just need to click on signout and then the place where you see service url click on it then you would see the dropdown to select different connection types

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