HELP My Process not able to cope with multiple consecutive pop ups

Hello UiPath Developers.

I’ve been doing the RPA Dev course advanced assignment 2 on generating yearly reports. For some reason, My process can handle consecutive downloads/no file found - this is at the stage of downloading monthly reports. However, when it encounters a change in event i.e. downloads followed by no file found, it starts to not be able to click the “save as” drop down or click the no file found “ok” pop up.

I’d like to upload my code but it doesnt allow “new” users to do so

Hi @Justin_Choy,
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I remember that I had same problem when I was doing this exercise. Please add additional Delay activity and set it for example for 2 seconds (00:00:02) to wait after clicking “OK” button. Your workflow is just so fast that it’s trying to close popup and suddenly another one is showing before it will click anything.

Thanks Pablito for the quick response.

Testing it out now. This is the only segment in the advanced course that is really buggy and is a struggle to automate.