Help my flowchart?

I need to do this activity:

  • copy a information in a system (crtl+c)
  • paste this information in a data base (crtv+v)
  • insert a information in a system if this variable doesn’t exist in a data table
  • if the variable exists, the bot can’t insert in the system
  • if the variable not exists, the bot should insert in the system.

My bigger difficulty is for attach this variables in excel (in sequence, like a list), and then use this information in a condition.

I tried rank my variable 1 (crtl c) and variable 2 (excel data base), and used the function "variable2.contains(“variable1”) = TRUE (in IF condition), but doesn’t worked.

Can you help me please?

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You shouldnt write “= True” rather if the result is true it will go to the THEN branch otherwise the ELSE one.
You can put your activities accordingly in the branches.


u can attach one print for me please?

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IF is has a boolean output condition and hence it acts accordingly

whats is “n” on condition?

See if this is more helpful.


attached xaml :point_right:if.xaml (6.1 KB)

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dont use " " quotes for variables

Does it help ? or you have some issue?:thinking:


You can teach me a create a Excel file, adding others rows accordings variable value.

yes? or no? :slight_smile:

To create excel files see below:

To add data to it:

Hope it helps

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List down your requirement with example ill see if i can help you get a solution.


I’ll read a text and transform this text in a variable.
I’ll save this variable in a excel file, in list
i’ll check if this variable contains in the data table (excel list)
if existe, decision A
if doesn’t, decision B

U understand?

Apologies, i was not able to clearly understand.
You want to write a text into excel file and the same text you want to see is present in the excel?
Can you give help with and example?


I Got made variable has been saved on Excel file.

But, I can’t write a condition.

U can help me?


can you please share you xaml?

My Excel file just contain a column with the proposal numbers in list.

I mean your Uipath project Main file can you please upload?

Yeah, here. Main.xaml (16.9 KB)

Try this. condition:

If I’m not wrong you are trying to check if the column you added is there or not in the sheet