Help me with this object reference error

I am using matches and regex to get matching strings in variable Laycan
but getting this error in assign

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It did not find any matching string based on given regular expression and because of that it is passing null value to it.

no it has find 2 matches and I printed them using for each but I want to store the two matches in two different variables

string was - LAYCAN - 09/24/2019 – 09/26/2019
and the matches it fount were - 09/24/2019 and 09/26/2019
I saved the collection output of matches activity in variable named Laycan
now I have used assign as
assign laycanstart = Laycan(0).tostring but its giving error

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What was the error?

object reference not set to an instance of an object. see screenshot above

help me write the code for stroring the output of matches which is a collection of two items in two different variables


Can you share the screenshot where in you are defining ‘Laycan’. How are you defining this?

This is working for me.

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tx for helping its working now. can you help me with handling the same workflow when there is not match found in that case I want to throw an exception message - no value found

Here it is.


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I need to use exception activity and log it into log file

In the else part, just Throw an exception and handle that.

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its again notemaildataextraction - (3.0 KB) working can you go through my xaml and let me know whats wrong

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Pls verify the scope of your “Laycan” variable.
Is it “visible” for both activities?

Variable scope is not the problem, but the data - there is no match => Laycan is NULL => error.
It is easy to find in debug mode. Do you use this?


no there is value inside Laycan
plz check my xaml attached above

No, unfortunately there is not :frowning:

Run you WF in debug and check carefully variables at failure.

It looks like it’s not a logic issue. Please check for the types of variables you are trying to assign. Or any other properties or syntax.



I assume that there were logical errors with the flow in your xaml. I tried to fix the flow assuming your requirements. Kindly check the attached workflow.
emaildataextraction - fixed.xaml (17.3 KB)

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