Help me with this move outlook mail error

Please can you provide a screenshot of what is happening before this ? From the Process Each Mail part.
If you debug the code, you should be able to spot the issue.
I think the mail is Null here.

Are you trying to move the mail which is no more part of that folder? Check if the mail you are passing to the activity is already moved or deleted

I have 4 folders in mailbox - incoming, processing, processed and failed

at first I am moving it from incoming to processing which is working fine,
but in the end as shown in the screenshot I am moving it to processed or maybe failed folder and either of them is giving me this message

mail is not null as I moved it to processed but after that its not allowing me to move to any other folder

can you provide the screen shot of get outlook mail message, For Each item and its properties.

After this I am moving it to processing mail folder like this and also saving mail to a archive location

But when I am moving it to processed folder its giving me error