Help me with this data table issue

I want to extract all yellow cells which will alwas be present between info from cargo CSAT slate and Worldscale
For this i am trying this logic but when i enter this value in assign
row(counter).item(1).tostring i get error


Can you specify whats the error?



Please use lookup range activity to find and get the address of search string.

Use the above activity one for each to find the address of “Info from CSAT cargo Slate:” and “Worldscale flat-rate - 2019”

Output of these activities e.g., “A51” and “A57”.

Extract only numbers from these strings, index1 = 51 and index2 = 57

Now read the yellow cells, using Read Range Activity, value:= "B" + (index1).ToString + "B" + (index2-1).ToString

The output of read range contains all the yellow coloured cells.

Karthik Byggari