Help me to spilt Company name, Job title and Experience date and Store them in different variable in Uipath

I want to scrape first two company experience details from a website.

Details like:
First company name
First company job title
First company experience date
Second company name,
Second company job title,
Second company experience date

Please check the screenshot:

I wrote workflow to find all the company experience details.

Workflow Results:

Now i want to find first two companies details only

  1. How to find first two companies details from the list?
  2. How to split company details?
    Results like:

First company detail:
11thAgency (1 year, 3 months)Project Manager4/2022

I want to store in different variables?
First Company name: 11thAgency (1 year, 3 months)
First Company Job Title: Project Manager
First Company Experience Date: 4/2022

Second company detail:
StoriCamPK (1 year)Marketing Communications Manager7/2022

First Company name: StoriCamPK (1 year)
First Company Job Title: Marketing Communications Manager
First Company Experience Date: 7/2022

Please give me solutions. Thanks.

Hi @Gowthaman_Gajakutti ,
This link will help you



Use regular Expressions
Company Name:

First Company Job Title:

First Company Experience Date:

@rlgandu Let me give a try and get back to you. Thanks.

Hi @rlgandu Do i need to implement Regex should i use matches activity?

can you give an example for company name with regular express?


This is a string datatype
Simply give other two expressions in this way only.

Hi @Gowthaman_Gajakutti ,
test.xaml (22.7 KB)

This is showing invalid pattern? Can you check it once please? Thanks.


Take the screenshot regex expressions.

Please check it. thanks.


Please give me 1 minute i send you an xaml

Hi @Gowthaman_Gajakutti ,
my output
my input
11thAgency (1 year, 3 months)Project Manager4/2022
you can check


What if we give input like below? It is dynamic details.

FirstCompany = “Cloud Innovators Solution (9 months)Social Media Marketing Specialist1/2020 - 10/2020” How about this?

SecondCompany = “11thAgency (1 year, 3 months)Project Manager4/2022” - Able to get with your workflow for this.

Will your workflow get result for this dynamic details?

Thanks a lot

Let me give a try. Thanks dude.

Hi @Gowthaman_Gajakutti ,
here the goal is to get the substrings in the string.
substrings all have format and identifier, from which we can get each substring,
the first example is a time string at the end starting with */ called strTime
then take the job title string starting with “)” and discard the strTime string called strTitle
the last is strCompany which is the original string omitting the above 2 strings
I will test your example


Let’s try other two also in the same way ,Give Patterns as i mention in the sceernShots

If you encounter any problem please ping me.

I have given input:
Cloud Innovators Solution (9 months)Social Media Marketing Specialist1/2020 - 10/2020

I got output with your workflow:

Can you check and share your workflow? Thanks.

Oh ,
it is differ with your 2 example, I will try other way

Yes friend, It is dynamic details from different website url.
You could see all the company details in output.

From First two company details, i have to capture company name, job title and experience date. I hope you understand the requirements.