Help me to solve this error

getting this error while opening recently errorless file.

Please check if any dependencies are missing

Hello @mu_nazza

This is happening as some of the packages which is used in the project is not available in your uipath. You can use Project dependecy mass update tool for resolving this issue. Else you need to understand the packages and install it from Manage package.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan unable to select any folder


go to your project folder and delete a file called project.json, then open your main sequence,uipath will create this file agains restoring each dependece you need



You are getting this error because the packages are not installed correctly.

As a solution,

1-If you know the package names and versions, you can reinstall them.
2-After deleting the .json file in the project directory, you can run the project again.
3-When you are sure that all the packages paths are checked, you can upgrade the packages in bulk.


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