Help Me on what should be the path(for invoke xaml files) before uploading zipped folder

Hi, when you create a re framework you will get a list of predefined xamls so along with that in the project folder, data ->config a excel file will be there from where you will load the data to studio in init all settings workflow, so from there only you have to load the credentials (Acme credentials) to log in to acme website, so you should place your credentials there and front here it will be loaded and converted to day a table in init all settings and from there to dictionary key value pair.

Let us know if more info needed on this.
Pavan H

still confuse … if you can give a example or attach a screenshot that would be really helpful.
as per my understanding :
The credentials has to be stored in the Orchestrator Assets. The Asset Name has to be given in the Config.xlsx file in the settings tab. Am I getting it right?

Yes but for writing the certificate exam you need to give your credentiaosn in asset sheet of config file.
Pavan H

thanks for quick reply . Can you please tell me how?

one more confusion in Uipath academy advance course it says that your academy login and orchestrator login should be same.

But here For Final certification I used different password . Login email is same but paasword is different than orchestrator. Does it matter ?

sorry just ignore the above same password question.

Actually I wanted to know does it matter if my Acme and final certification website password is different

you can add your credentials in assets sheet of config file and in initall settings workfow it will load the assets also into dictionary if you can go down in initallsetting workflow. So from there it will load to dictionary and you can pass it to log into acme workflow thruogh config dictionary variable.

That doesnot matter.