Help me! Level3 Assignment1

Hi all,
I was doing assignment 1 of level 3, but when I ran my assignment it only worked successfully with WI5 first.When came to the second WI5, my System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails did not work. It does not navigate to the details of that WI5.
Can anybody tell me why?

Are you getting Error?
send screen of error


Hi @sandeep13
This is the screen that runs:


Apologize, I am unable to locate the error in screenshot.

Can you please try to log the path that you are passing in “Navigate To” activity, just to confirm that you are getting non-empty value for all the arguments.

Just before the pass the value in Navigate to Activity
print the value that you passed

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I hope you are trying to open the new URL in a new tab right @Lam_Ha?

Then save the first OPEN BROWSER activity output in a variable and then use send hot key (CTRL + T) to open new browser and then pass the URL using type into activity

Hi @sandeep13, @HareeshMR, @Purvi
I discovered my mistake.
Thanks for helping me.

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Hi All,

I am trying to create process for Level 3 - Advanced Training, UIDemo Walkthrough.
But, I don’t know where I will create the Dispatcher/Performer sequence.
Do I need to create totally new sequence OR I need to use REFramework template? If yes then how? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

create to new REFramework template

Hi, @Suguz, after adding the REFramework tempate, where to add the sequence ?