Help me - Counter Excel

Hello friends,
Can anyone tell me the excel formula to read the next line and so on?


Could you please tell more details for better understanding. What are trying to do here ?


The whole process is long but I will send part of the process that I need help with.
If I’m not clear let me know.
I perform the emission of files in pdf and after the emission I need to rename with numbers in sequential order that are in the table in Excel “DICIONARIO ID”.

Come on, after the issue of the files I read the file in Excel through Excel Application Scope, with Output: “UniorgsDataTable1”.

After that I make the transformation from Variable to String Through OutputDataTable, with Output “UniorgsDataTable2” to transform into String and be able to associate it with the in_Codigo argument.

In_Codigo is the argument that realizes the association where the table value is inserted through Assign, in Assign the code used is the following:

  • in_AnoComp + “”+ in_CompAtual + “” +“FERIAS” + “”+ “AVISO DE FERIAS” + “”+ “AVISODEFERIAS” + in_Codigo + “.pdf”

Today I can only get results from the first line, I need the robot to read the next line at each file issue.