Help! Looping through Data Row Array produces Duplicate Rows at Random when adding to Data Table

Hello - I’ve been wrestling with this issue for later half of the day today. Here’s a screenshot from my Debug environment. This is what I’m trying to do:

Navigate to the Work Item page. Parse the Account Information details. And then add that into a pre-built Data Table.

As you can see, the Robot has navigated to the correct WIID on the right side at marker 1.
However, when it added the row to the Data Table at marker 3, it has put in values from the previous iteration!
At marker 2, it can be seen that the values on the Web page are totally different!

When I Debug using “Step into” (terribly slow), it seems to work fine. However, if I hit “Continue” on the Debugger, the very next step runs into this problem.

This also happens when I run the process normally. The robot produces the first two rows as duplicates despite navigating to the correct WIID page. Here below is screen grab from the output Excel:

Has anyone had this issue before?

Resolved! I had to use a FindImage with a custom selector to wait for the page before parsing the information. Tested it twice, and got identical results with no dupes. Results below for another set of eyes to see. Data is sorted on Cols B and H. However, none of the rows are duplicates

Sharing the fix here, just in case. The custom selector at Marker 1 below will wait for the page with the matching WIID to load before proceeding to parse the client information.

"<html app='chrome.exe' title='ACME System 1 - Work Items' /><webctrl tag='P' innertext='*WIID:*" + WIID + "*Type*'/>"

Results of 2 post-fix tests:

Marked as solution. Ported the project and ran the process from a completely different Robot machine . Results are correct!

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