Help in string conversion

Hi all,
I need help in converting the strings. Below are the string formats.

If the string is DEC01/20, I want to convert it to 2020-12-01
If the string is OCT17/20-03, I want to remove the last -03 and convert it to 2020-10-17
If the string is MAR/19, I want to convert it to 2019-03-01


Use substring method to extract data then if condition

@sandyk Can you Check the Below Workflow :
According to the input data and it’s pattern, I have used a Combination of Split and Substring to get the related day, Month and Year values . (2.3 KB)

Check the workflow with all different inputs that you would receive.
Let us know if it did not help.

Sure. I will check it and let you know.

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the strings are interpretated as dates.
We rate a reformatting via datetime conversions more reliable as it can detect part info issues and throws validation exceptions, if it occurs. This reliable point we do lose with string based approach.

You can do following:


String query from sandy (10.5 KB)
you can use substring method please check workflow

Thanks a ton :slight_smile:

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