Help in "if"

condition to determine the lowest value in an “if”?

Hi @borismh,

can you provide more details?

A sample is variable1 < variable2
if variable 1 is lower then it will be true else false

but I have an excel with 6 different types of suppliers
-use a “for each row” to read the excel and separate each data with “get row item”
-Then use an “if” condition to know “order volume <Volume”
-in the condition that it is fulfilled place variables to save the data
-followed in the same condition “if” place “add data row” and the “excel application scope”, so that while returning to generate data saves them in a followed way
-This way I get “costototal1”, “costototal2”, etc, until 6
-Now I want to place a message in the excel next to the cells that total cost is the lowest?
that’s my doubt is there any way to do it?
thank you


here the condition “if”

Ok, I kinda get it.
Why not use filter datatable to filter what you want to add instead of an if?

To get the min value use:
just modify it.
int minVal = (int)table.Compute("Min(ColName)", "") then just use a message box to display it.
more info here: credit to the mvp.

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int minVal = (int)table.Compute(“Min(ColName)”, “”)
In this formula, what are the words you should use:
and I also use it as? inside a “if” true

you just need to replace table to your datatable variable and colname with your column name you want to find the min value of your datatable.