Help in exception handling and integration of ui path with other tools

Hi All,

I am pretty new for RPA- UI Path need help with one of the scenario which we are trying as part of data sanity checks.


  • I have created an existing odbc connection to connect with teradata to execute few sql’s. Once the sql’s gets executed need to capture the output of the queries in attachments.

  • Send an email to the user with some message ‘These are the date trends for this week’ by including the attachments.

I am encountering few problems say if the data base gets timeout then the process is failing with that error instead i want to introduce an exception where in it should go in a loop till the connection is established and then execute the query how to achieve this.

Attached is the XML file which I am using for reference.Main.xaml (35.7 KB)

How can i integrate Informatica ETL and BMC - Control M with UI path – This we can discuss further in detail if any one is interested to help