Help in creating a text file with details from profiles on the LinkedIn website into Outlook online

Hi, I’m a new developer in the field of automation development, I started doing this exercise in order to become professional in UiPath, but I got stuck while taking information (of course generically) from the profiles of the top 10 people.
Please help me and I would be happy for working examples from someone experienced because it will make it a lot easier for me, A huge thank you in advance!
This is the detail of the exercise:

Go to the LinkedIn website and find the TOP10 in JobTitle variable (like sales manager or DBA or any other).

Create the people profile in a text file with the following details:
Company Name
Duration of work

  • Saving for the next step in Outlook the Link to a direct profile on LinkedIn

Then Create in Outlook online the profile of the following people in connection with the details:
full name
Link to a direct profile on LinkedIn

Important highlights for performing the exercise:

Creating the file in a fixed path
Possibility of another profession.
Performing the exercise once with UI functions and a second time using JavaScript

Pleas help me and can you sent me a example of solution?