Help in automating report extraction using putty dbeaver n excel

Hi All,
Can someone help me with an automation which involves putty ,Dbeaver and excel app?
Presently am facing issues with typing password on the command prompt of putty which is fetched from credentials manager…and on dbeaver to reach the desired connection in a particular schema i have to click on arrows to expand it… unfortunately there is no expand all option on the app and arrow is weird…if you hover over it then it turns blue n then if u click it expands… tried normal click ,cv scope,hover nothing seems to work… please help

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Hi @Nithinkrishna can you please help me?

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Hello @Ashwin_Swain

Let’s go one by one.

What’s the first error you want to resolve ?

Could you please explain with screenshots in detail ?


@Nithinkrishna well the first error of fetching password from windows credential manager n typing into cmd using secure credential doesn’t work…had to use get password n store passdword on uipath bot…hope its not a security threat

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@Nithinkrishna for the arrow thing as of now i have found a solution to navigate some other way …though i would be needing it may b by Wednesday but lets stick to the present problems at hand

Presently i cant extract the result obtained after running the query…data scraping is not working…screen scraping works but it doesn’t give output in datatable plus i have 4 types of status …(ok,nok,null n blank) and corresponding values for null it doesn’t give the data so blank n null gets mixed up

So presently i am thinking of exporting twice…1 with not null values n other with null values n then use the type into n replace the empty cells as null…n then appending both the files

FYI while exporting it gives in .csv format…therr are options of .xml,.json, html n others

In json i get the null in the fields but i dont know how to convert json into excel so have to replicate the manual way

In the pic…a b c column are data fetched from db or rather will be fetched hopefully and e f g is way i want the data to formatted that would mean writing a logic in g column after checking e and f

Okay, @Ashwin_Swain

Coming to this issue. I hope you are using the same as mentioned here. How to work with Windows Credentials

Now you have your password but you weren’t able to paste ?

So is it a single cmd run or multiple ?

And are you performing ui automation for that ?


Well i think that secure credential doesn’t work on cmd i tried on a browser it worked…well i think we can skip that unless my manager points that it is a security issues we cant store password on bot… though password is encrypted format

Lets focus on writing the logic for the pic i uploaded…m getting hard tym to think of any

Thougt of this but the same problem like my last bot…how to give dynamic values in write cell input…n input should be from c Datatable…

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What to do in write cell please ?

@Nithinkrishna well please use your logic cause I think might not work…use that pic as problem Statement n plz suggest a way so i can fetch data from c column after checking a n b column n then write the value of cX in say gX such aX=eX and bX=fX
Wherr X is same row number

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Kindly use deserialize json activity to convert your json data to DataTable.

You need to make sure the json will be always in right format.

Any queries please let me know.


I dont know how to use that deserialize activity… getting runtime errors tried watching from youtube…n the input json file is filled with irrelevant data

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Irrelevant data in the sense is it breaching the format or fine.

Deserialize just pass json string read from the json file as input and change the type argument to data table and use an output variable as DataTable to store

Can we connect on some different platform…i dont want to send screenshots here … compliance issue may be

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