HELP! How to use 'Get Native Text' on unattended robot

Hi guys, I needed guidance on ‘Get Visible Text’ activities on the unattended robot. My scenario is like this: I need to extract daily tickets from the system and some of the tickets may or may not have attachments, the only way I found to differentiate is that if the ticket contains an attachment, it will have a ‘Download All’ button like this

If the ticket with no attachment it will be like this

So previously I was using ‘Get Visible Text’ and create an ‘IF’ activities whether the Download button exists, but now somehow that activity fails to operate in the background, maybe UiPath updated something.

Any other ways that I could use to solve this scenario? Thanks!!

Hi @sam.lee,

Have you tried using the Element Exists activity? It is more advisable to use it instead of Get Native Text especially if your process is unattended.

Hi @jcvsalinas

You mean indicate it on the “Download All” button with Element Exists activity?

Ya I’ve tried using it and indicate on the “Download All” button, but somehow if there’s no attachment, the robot still recognize there is the Download button and proceed to download, but there’s no any attachment to download. After I check it, the element behind both with attachment or without attachment, the download button element will still be there.

How the apps hide the button?
Does it use inline CSS visibility:hidden?

You can use Get Attribute if they are using inline CSS

I’m not sure though, because I’m not really a IT technical person. But I already solved it by using Find Text activity instead. Thanks!


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