Help How to update textbox in foreach iteration. iteration 1 --> text box 1, iteration 2 -->text box 2

There is a web page which having 7 textbox for start and end time for a week starting from Sunday, excel is input having time in it. I am doing read range - foreach to insert excel → Datatable value in webpage.

issue - foreach must insert only 1st row(1).toString + row(2).toString on first text box, next text box shall be considered in next iteration and so on for the rest of text boxes.
current issue - webpage all 7 text box getting updated in each iteration.

Hi @Vikas_Jadhav

You may need to use the variable in your selector to replace the idx value.

just double check the selectors for all check boxes see if idx value increments.

or just take screenshots for each textboxes selectors, possibly showing the idx values as well