Help....How to scrap similar data from same page in PDF

I have a PDF which contains similar data that is registration number…i need to capture the ragistration number only if the no image symbol comes up… i am attaching the pdf for better understanding
tt (1).pdf (123.9 KB)

i need to capture the respective registration number only if the sign or photo is missing like this

hi @Debojyoti_chanda
My understanding is that you need to do following:

1- Put file in a folder.
2- Read required field using OCR/screen scrapping technique.or intellegent OCR
3- Assign that invoice number to an array.
4- Write that data in to an excel file.

Hope this makes sense.

Mohini Sonule

Thanks for the reply…but the problem is that i have duplicate selectors in the pdf i.e. there is two registration number in the single pdf page

hi @Debojyoti_chanda
If any images data in the pdf file you can use read pdf with OCR activity and use microsoft OCR engine and use matches activity (regular expressions) to get the data.

Mohini Sonule

i have something like this…the only solution in my mind is setting the clipping region but cannot do it properly …so i need help regarding that