Help- how to add values for matching column in output sheet

Dear All,
Excel.xlsx (15.8 KB)
i have multiple input sheets :for example sheet 1 sheet2 sheeet3…

i want to add the values of all the sheet into Output_Summary with matching headers.

i have attached the excel file for reference…
please note there is one blank row in each sheet which i need to ignore while pasting in output summary.

please assist me on this.

Please can someone help me one the above requirement.

hi @ashwini.bagewadi

can u show how ur output should look like

i am not cleared

Sorry for not explaining clearly,Actually import rows will not be approprite in my case, what i have to do is take only appropriate column headers from “Required_columns” sheet, search for these headers in that appropriate sheet, take the input value and paste it in appropriate output column, i have attached the updated excel file. Thank you for responding. Any help will be appriciated.Excel.xlsx (18.6 KB)