Already did all still unlicensed

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Hi @Law

I see that for the user details you have used a email address. Actually for the user, you have to specify the domain\UserName of the user that you login to the machine.

You can easily get this information by going into command prompt and typing “whoami”

This will give you the domain \user you are logged in. Copy that and use for the user field and give the password for that user.

Try that and see whether it works


Hello @Law,

Go to Machines Tab from Orchestrator URL. Create 1 Machine with Hostname. Goto Robot Page and on Robots Tab create New Robot.

Select the Machine Name which you have created in Machine Tab. Provide any Name. Select your license Type (In above screenshot I can see Studio is selected). Domain\Username you will get after you enter “whoami” command in cmd. Provide the system Password where your studio installed.

From Robot Page - Environment Tab you need to create 1 Env and To select the Robot which you have created Earlier.

Okay na ang tatagal niyo magreply salamat

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