Help Generate Yearly Report - Cannot Update Queue "InHouse_Process4" item

Hi, i already create a condition like bellow item

Process is running well, but still cannot upload WorkItems in Queue

Pls help. Thank you very much :blush:


Welcome to the Uipath community,

In orchestrator Queue Name right side click more actions and select view Transactions
you can see the queue items add or not.

I still cannot see the queue items

thank you

Are you extract the data correctly. Once you will check if the data retrieves correctly or not. In the output data table activity give the input property as data table and output property is string. This activity will converts data table into can use message box the data is correctly retrieves are not.

Hi @cholik25 Hi Aravind! I found your answer. You want to downgrade your Uipath.System.Activities package to version 20.4.0, not the latest version. Your add queue item command should work when you do this, provided your workflow is correct. Let me know :slight_smile: