Help: Forwarding email (outlook) and scanning relevant info from the main text and copy it

First, I need to mention that I am not a programmer thus I do not have the technical know-how of coders or programmers.

At work whenever we receive an order confirmation email from different vendors, we would need to forward the order confirmation and input relevant information from the email (customer name, and cost) as well as the last 4 digits of the credit card and purchaser’s name (which is not on the confirmation email)

Is it possible to automate the task that I have described above?

Thank you

Hey @kuro_nagasaka

Is the mail or data in the mail body is structured ?

When I say Structured it should be kind of rule based, with some rules I should be able to identify the field values.

Kindly confirm.


Thank you very much for your prompt response.
I am not certain it is structured but emails that I need to forward to the accounting department usually are from: [] and Dell | Order Confirmed [].

These are two main mail that we usually forward to the accounting department.

Also, as stated in previous inquiries, would I be able to get contents from the received email and paste them into the main body of the email for the accounting department to see. For instance, cost and Purchase Order information?

Thank you for your time and attention.

For this only, I will need the above confirmation?

How do you identify it when you get an email ?

Thank you for your prompt response.

We usually get confirmation emails from Amazon or Dell in the inbox.
that looks like the below picture.



The subject line will usually be:
・For Amazon:
Your order of “~ .”

・For Dell:
Your Dell Order Has Been Confirmed|Dell Purchase.

  1. We would look through email to find these confirmation emails.
  2. Once we have identified the confirmation emails, we would need to forward the email and add the below information and send it to our accounting department.

  1. Name of the purchaser with last 4 digits of card number:
    ex) John Visa 9999
  2. PO information: this information needs to be obtained from the body of the email (highlighted in yellow)
    ex) #123456 LeoPrado
  3. Order Total: this information needs to be obtained from the body of the email (highlighted in yellow)
    ex) $80.00

I hope the above information is sufficient in answering your question.

Thank you

So I believe it should be structured based on the platform Amazon or Flipkart or any other right ?

Thank you for your prompt response.

Yes, you are correct in that I would like to achieve email automation based on the platform and template of the confirmation email (Amazon & Dell).

Would I then need to make automation for the Amazon pattern and Dell pattern?
If so would you be able to advise me.

Thank you

Hey @kuro_nagasaka

Yep right !

Okay sure.

So now we need to use some string manipulation like split or substring to find our values based on some constant label keyword in the email body.

For example - If you want to fetch PO ID PO# label will be our Trump card, similarly for others.


Thank you for your prompt response.

I understand that this automation process would necessitate a certain degree of programming knowledge then.

Can you kindly advise me on how to go about fetching the PO# or price of the merchandise on the body of the email?


Hello @kuro_nagasaka

I think in your case, you can go with regex expressions. You can use regex expressions in the Matches activity or you can write the expression in assign activity to get the values. Can check the below post for better understanding.,

Dear Rahul

Thank you very much for your suggestion.
When I was looking through the link that you sent me, the first thing that it said was to

“Drag ‘Assign’ activity into the designer panel”

However, in the version that I downloaded (studioX) I was not able to find the “assign” in the search activity box as shown below.


Need I have to download the “studio” version in order to enable this function?

Thank you

It should be possible with StudioX also I believe !

But, Is there any specific reason you are using StudioX ?

Thank you for your prompt response.

When I typed in “assign” in the action box it showed no results, as Mr. Rahul suggested in the previous correspondence, which made me think that StudioX has lesser functions.

When I was installing the program there were 2 choices for picking the program and “StudioX” was supposed to be for those who are not versed in programming or technical experience.

Should I change the profile to “Studio” instead?

Thank you

I was not successfully able to scan the relevant information from outlook thus I have decided to click on the order# link and get the information and paste it to excel.

My next question is if there is more than 1 order # as shown in the previous correspondence, would the automation process distinguish if there is 1 invoice or multiple?

Thank you