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Hey everybody,

In UI selectors, I don’t understand difference between “aaname” and “inertext” attributes.

Can you help me ?

Thank !

As far as I know, there is no difference in them as such. I have used “aaname” always as that is the one which is added by default when you indicate any element using explorer.

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Hi @mateo.drouillard

Both are same, there is no any different between bot

aaname tag is now mandatory for every website, it’s used to uniquely identify an element by Assistive Technologies.

aaname stands for Active Accessibility name

innertext tag is used to select the sample element in web page

Check out the Documentation,shape%20of%20an%20XML%20fragment.



Hi @mateo.drouillard
There is no difference between Both of them.

Kindly Check Below Video for Better Understand


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Hi @mateo.drouillard

Both are generally same in the attributes

we will also have same like outertext,text


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