Help for only one capthca as i explained in the picture


hello everyone .

I am trying to login to a system. Username and password are working fine. but there is simply a capthca as I conveyed in the image. How can I print it in the box below?

Hey @serdarkavrazli,

You can try Get Image Text to get the captcha.
For more info go through this link Example of using OCR and Image Automation.



Could you please provide some more details:

  1. Is that captcha vary from each login or the format of that captcha is same? (The data is dynamic)

Assume if that captcha is in same format in this case try like this:

Method1: (Unattended Mode)

  1. Use Get Full Text with OCR->Output As Captcha

Check the output in debug panel whether you’re getting the correct data or not.

If you’re getting the correct data you can use one type into and pass the Captcha variable.

Method2: (Attended Mode)

  1. Take one input dialogue Output->Captcha
  2. Take one type into And indicate it on the enter captcha field And mention type value ->Captcha
  3. Ask the user to enter the Captcha before hitting the sign in