Help Finding Text if found then put text in the next Field

Hello Everyone.

Totally new here but loving this wonderful tool…

I’m creating a flow that need to find a specific text (field) in a windows 10 application screen and if found then add a text in the next column.

I have a list of fields to search and in the same way a list of text to input related to those fields if they are found

For example:

Search for text = TEST1 if found then add TEST1 in the next column if blank,

same for TEST2 then add TEST2 if blank

Lets said i have the below text search to and put text if found and blank

search for TEST1 if there put TEST1 in next column and/or
search for TEST2 if put TEST2 and/or
search for TEST3 put TEST3 etc

the list is because the field names can be different every time you run the flow, so for that reason i want to create like a list of the possible text to search

app screen will be like

First run

Column1 | Column2
TEST0 | 1
TEST5| 12345

Second run can be

Column1 | Column2

Hope someone can put me in the right direction…

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jabe00 ,

Please take a look over this topic:

In your case, you might use a dynamic selector to achieve the desired result (search & add text)

Something like this:

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I was able to input the text using Anchor, but then it make that part very slow, I have more than 12 fields to search and the anchor process take more than 3 minutes with only 5…

There is a way to maybe speed up that part?

I was able to speed a little up by searching by using Text Exists and divide the anchor part by an If Condition as i was able to divide in groups but still a little slow as it also take time for the Text Exist to get the result.


Here is what I did, but again, very slow processing this

Text Exists = “test1”

if True then

find element test1 > Type Into the word “Hello1”

find element test2 Type Into the word “Hello2”

if don’t then

find element test6 Type Into “Hello6”
find element test7 Type Into “Hello7”
find element test8 Type Into “Hello8”
find element test9 Type Into “Hello9”
find element test10 Type Into “Hello10”

Hi @jabe00 ,

Please check our colleagues’s video. It’s a case similar with yours. The process should take only a few seconds in the worst case scenario …

Maybe you should check the hardware requirements as well …

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Thanks, it was very good help…

Then my scenery changed as after get all the data, found that i have more than 100 records to validate, so Anchors looks like is not the best option for me…

I’m thinking in create a excel file with the fields that i need to put data based on the input data.

for example, if I’m working the Car, then in excel have a list like this

Type Car
Subtype Color : Blue
Subtype Year : 2011
Subtype Brand : Honda

Type Bike
Subtype Year : 2021
Subtype Brand : Trek
Subtype Model: 123

and the list continue till for over 100 Type with sub-type inside, so again I understand is better to work in a excel list of that and search in the screen based on the type you are working on…

The type for work will be put in a input so the program know what type you need to request and fill the information based on what you have in the sub-type

Hope i was able to explain… .

Thanks again.

Any suggestion will be welcome and appreciated


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Hi @jabe00 ,

Your approach seems robust and feasible to me.
Hope you will complete & run the process successfully

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