Help extracting hyperlink Data from website to Excel

The process I am trying to achieve is:

Open browser and go to this link: TSBPA - Welcome to Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
I enter the Firm Name: PLLC
I enter the City Name: i.e., Lakeway (I need to do this for several cities with a lot more than 3)
I add a click action and Submit Search

This gives me a list of lookup results
I need to click on each Firm Name and data scrape the table showing the firm information
(i.e., Firm Licenses, Firm name, Resident Manager, Contact Information, Phone Email Status)

I need to save this information to excel spreadsheet as a table with headers.

I have found tables on HTML pages: Extract and manipulate data but it did not give me the results…I have been able to get as far as extracting the table, but not sure how to make it loop continuously.