HELP Extracting data from Excel spreadsheet

Hello to all! I need to use “Anchore Base” to get information from Excel file. I tried different ways, but nothing works, only OCR (like on screenshot). But if I change the permissions, the OCR also stops working. What can I do with it?

Is cell V3 blank?

No, it has “173”

Hi @Darya

Did you try using Read Cell activity? So that you can directly specify which cell you need to read?

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Yes, I know this way, but I need exactly AnchoreBase

could you share a few screenshots of the error messages that you are getting?

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@Darya - Try fine tuning the “Selector”. I think this will resolve your issue.


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Why do you want to stick to OCR for excel? There could be some possible ways to do it without OCR.
OCR is usually the last option for any application.
I understand you might have considered others. But still curious to understand.

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