Help Error on Assign: Column '' does not belong to table DataTable

Hello i need help on my uipath as i just changed my Excel files but then i realize that because now the row is not on A1 anymore i got error ?

Assign: Column ‘Quotation Ref’ does not belong to table DataTable.

Book1.xlsx (13.0 KB)

XXGoRpa.xaml (16.0 KB)

This is my original excel file without adding new row
Book1.xlsx (12.5 KB)


Can you try to set “A3” in Range property of ReadRange activity?


Thanks it work but it mess up my stuff when i have 2 read range at A3 the table format everything change in for the first database …


I haven’t understand your matter completely, however, the following gets the start address of header.
Can you try this?

note: idx is Int32 proerty and set it in Index property of ForEachRow activity.


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