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Hi all.

I am working with a thick application called BMC’s ControlM client. I need to open up an interface, then extract the status text highlighted in red:

This is the corresponding selector:

<ctrl automationid='PropertiesTabItem' />
<ctrl name='Ended Not OK' role='text' />

However, this does not work when the status is named anything else. I tried to make the name equal to a wildcard

<ctrl automationid='PropertiesTabItem' />
<ctrl name='*' role='text' />

But this gives undesired results. When I use this wildcard my text gets back Synopsis, which is the text at the top of the current tab.

The UiExplorer Tree looks something like this:

I have tried using the ‘scroll bar’ attributes to try to further differentiate the Status text from the other text’s but those only return ‘0’. I need to find a way to be able to read the “Ended Not OK” portion of the text, but this status will change to several other words. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Have you tried indicate anchor while editing the selector in UI Explorer?

Use Status label as Anchor & get what ever the text you want.

Step1: use get text, indicate the text next to status.
Step 2: Edit selector in UI Explorer. Now click on Anchor.
Step 3: Now indicate Status label as anchor.

This might do the trick. Let me know if you need anymore help.

Coz wildcarding the “name” attribute is never gonna give you the output.

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Thanks for the reply @achyuth_sai.

I attempted your suggestion, and unfortunately I still have the same issue. When the selector is hard coded it works:

If I change the name of the selector to match the current status, this also works

However, If I attempt to modify the “Ended Not Ok” so it could read any dynamic status, UiPath instead selects Run Information

I’m not sure what to try next, my Status names are too different to try to create a combination of ? wildcards with.

I ended up figuring it out. I will mark your answer as the solution as the Anchor Base activity worked for me. I set the Base to Find Element activity and put it as the Status. Then I used a Get Text to get the desired status. Seems to work. Thanks!

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