[Help Beginner] Is it possible to move charts in the excel into a new sheet using UiPath Software?

I have successfully created 2 tables of data with 2 charts in 3 different sheets in the excel using Uipath software. Is it possible to use the Uipath software to move all of the charts into other new sheets so as to view all of the charts?

hi @Chinchilla237,

  1. You can always use the Move or copy sheet option to copy the entire sheet having charts to a new sheet.

  2. If only chart has to be moved - You can use the hotkeys Options and Move the charts - Say - Ctrl+C from Sheet1 and then Ctrl+ v to Sheet 2

3.Uipath Market Place has custom activities for charts - One such activity link is available below. You can browse the market place and use the once which Suffice the automation need.