Help asap Compare user input to CSV and search browser

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to UIPath and have been watching many youtube videos. I’m currently seeking assistance to do the following:

User Input String
Read CSV
Check to see if value exists in CSV
IF TRUE go to website, search, save values in CSV
IF FALSE go to different website, search

Originally I had done this using an If Else, but that didn’t seem to work. I don’t know many VB Expressions. I’m stuck with checking if the value is true or false – if it exists in the CSV File.

I was going to use a Flow Decision but I don’t know how to check whether the value is in the CSV first before somehow using the decision task to then go and search via a website.

Can someone please help ASAP?


Value in whole CSV…? If yes like below you can do.
Read CSV - output is datatable
Outputdatatable(activity) - out put is string with commas
If condition to check the value exist
If exist go to first website else second
Once you captured value then update in datatable using assign activity



The output of Read CSV is DataTable. So you can try this condition in Flow Decision or If Else to check rows number of the output data table: datatable.Rows.Count > 0
True (datatable.Rows.Count > 0) : value exists in CSV
False (datatable.Rows.Count = 0) : value does not exists in CSV

Hi All,

Thankyou I think I got it. I managed to use another variable and flag it as true or false if populated correctly, and went from there

One last question. I have a message box that shows cancel and ok. I need to rename the buttons to Yes or No. Can someone please provide the steps to do this? Or the vb code to use on the message box?

Go the properties of the message box
Under Input menu, you have the option to change the button

Sorry - Not to custom commands. It only has Yes, No, Cancel, Ok.

Can I have it say Retry + Exit?

I think in your case you can try Input box with two options given as it will get auto convert to a radio button with two options to choose

As an alternative i can suggest you to re-frame your question as “Do you wish to retry the action?”
Then I guess, it will suffice the the current options available.


Thankyou, I will give this a shot!

Also with web scraping, I wanted to be able to scrape the page for the names of items, and then search inside the child page for the description and write this to columns e & f in a CSV. I need to do this for several products. I keep getting an invalid object error when using web scraping. It doesn’t allow me to collect the name of the product on the top level page, then go into it and take the description of the child page, and go back and repeat?

Completly stuck on this one and it’s doing my head in :frowning: (webscraping)

So I have an existing CSV
I need to get the name of the product and assign it to row 2, column e.
Get the name of the next product, and assign to row 3, column e.


Get the child page and get the description and assign to row 2, column D
Get the child page of the next product and assign to row 3, columnd D.

This is an existing CSV, it needs to INSERT new rows. The products in Column A row 2, need to remain and have it inserted leaving it not overlapping with the product listed in column A row 3.

Will you be able to share the input csv and the expected output in a separate csv.

Then i could guide you how to achieve your target

attached @Sarath

output is to put recpe titles and ing (from each sub page) into each column. But if the first item has multiple ingrednts then it should list the item multiple times, not move onto the next item in row 3a (167 Bytes)