Help about Salesforce Dashboard Monitoring

Hello I have a project right now about monitoring of Salesforce Dashboard, does anyone to know is this possible to get this image status in UiPath? What the best approach and solutions for this process? Thanks

Hi… @fleusebio

  • Use UiPath’s “Find Element” or “Find Relative Element” activities to locate the checkbox element on the webpage. You may need to use selectors to identify the checkbox uniquely.
  • Once you have located the checkbox element, use UiPath’s “Get Attribute” activity to retrieve the “checked” attribute of the checkbox.
  • The “checked” attribute will be either “True” or “False,” indicating whether the checkbox is enabled or not
  • Store the status of the checkbox (True or False) in a variable for further processing.

there are multiple approaches that you can consider based on the availability of access with you

  1. API call - try with api calls to connect to this system and get the relevant details

  2. UI Interaction - you can try with UI based automation where use web browser activities and normal click, type into activities like that

Cheers @fleusebio