"Hello! This Is Robot" Prompt Causing The Robot To Time Out

Why does Windows Security popup "Hello! This is Robot", causes Robot to time out?

Issue Description and potential root cause:

Sometimes, the below pops up while the Robot is executing, causing it to be stuck and eventually time out.

The "Hello! This is Robot" and "Please provide _________access credentials" messages that you see in the above dialog box are consistent with the wording of the "Request Credential" activity used in older versions of the Robot Enterprise Framework.

If using a project created from this ReFramework, then there will be an ask to enter the credentials from this dialog in the "Request Credential" activity when the asset can not be obtained. Therefore, this dialog will be displayed in the below scenarios:

  • When there is no network connection OR,
  • When there is no corresponding asset

Root Cause:

  • A network glitch
  • A system policy affecting the Robot machine's ability to communicate with Orchestrator.


  • Change the child processing, change it to a process such as to not leverage "Request Credential" activity. Replace this with the "Get Credential" activity instead. If this activity also fails due to some reason, simply raise it as an Application Exception and continue processing further records.
  • Also consider updating the Robot Credentials within the Windows Security Manager on all Robot VMs, so that the Robot can fetch the Credentials at the Windows level in case the Robot VM is unable to fetch the credentials from the Orchestrator.