Hello there ! I have DataTable problem help please

todayToron is first DataTable Type


toronHitter is second DataTable Type

I want to output the fullName and all grades of the players included in todayToron to excel or writer line. Please help me.

The biggest problem is the name of “todayToron” and the fullname of “toronHitter” are different.

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For each row in Toron,
for each row2 in Hitter, do
row2(“player”).toString().Contains(row(0).toString() // “Davis” or “Drury”) => True or False
If True, get the Row and process it
Else Continue


Hi Buddy @Hyun

Welcome to UiPath community buddy
Its resolved
here you go buddy with the xaml
Run the xaml buddy you can see the results in write line buddy
comparing.zip (23.7 KB)

Hope this would help you

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You have to use nested For each row to achieve this, but if the today toron has some name which will be there in more than 1 in toronHitter table everything will match.
you can go for a check innerrow.item(“Player”).tostring.containsOf(row.item(“TodayToron”)).


Thanks for help it is helpful of me : )

Thanks for answer , but I do not know what activities to put in the red square. And what should I write?


did that work buddy @Hyun

Thanks, but the console output is not what I want

may i know what was the output you were expecting buddy @Hyun

We have confirmed that the full name and the overall score are good output.
But I need the full name and the overall score of nine players in “todayTron”.

Your process output is only six.

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Buddy i did’t have the full data of yours…so what i did is u just made a scree scrapping of your attached image in tha question and made a excel…all these were done in backend before sending you the xaml…that excel has only the data of your attached image…and your image has only six…matvhi values…thats why buddy
You can pass your data and check buddy with read range activity…
Cheers @Hyun

Hello @Hyun as pointed out by @Palaniyappan data for Drury,Grease and Ribsl is
missing in toronHitter data… as a result only 6 matches were found

It is my fault
The data table has been modified.
so it problem is Resolved!. Thank you so much buddy :smile:

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Thats great…

If this gets resolved kindly make a solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic buddy
Cheers @Hyun

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