Hello i need help! i have a Question please help me

Hello UiPatha family I need help
1.In our Company some requirement is there like I Have a support ticket form on our website when User come and fill the data in the form we have to send a support mail to him and our company manager whenever the new data come we have to send the data to manager and support mail to the user How to do anyone tell every time how we run and how can we get to know or how can we know the new data come to the database

I hope Anyone will give an idea or solution for me.

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Hi @copy_writes

Did u mean u need to Automate the whole scenario?

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No, I already did that that one like it will run at the end of the day but they are telling me every time the bot should run, and if new data has come on that time the bot should trigger and send data to him

I did like this below
I connect the data to the database and take the data and compare the date column the date that matches the system data on that time we send the mail. it’s run every evening. i did like this

I Want to know how to run every time like when data come on that time we have to trigger

Can i get the solution how to run this every time


In most of the scenarios we do the same, We schedule a bot at a fixed time for each day and process any data available on that day. I think it’s not possible to run the bot when new data came.

Somehow you can achieve, by schedule the bot to run multiple times on the same day like running the bot each hour.

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we can run the bot every time after that we have to count the row. the row is greater than that old row on that we have to increment the row and we can do action like this we can do? but hear i don’t know how to increment every time

Hi @copy_writes

If u can use a webhooks concept here like when the data is added then the Uipath process will be triggered by using orchestrator API to call the process.

You can check whether the webhooks concept can be applied here too


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where should i get webhooks because i dont know if u dont mine can u please explain please

Here you need to add one more column (Status) to your database table which your reading, to set the status “Processed” for already processed rows.

From next time onwards read only the rows which are not processed.

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osm bro I didn’t think in this way i just focus on the problem only

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