Hello Guys, I wanted to locate & highlight the most recent report from webpage table/list

Hi guys,
Hope you all doing good. I have a use-case,
I wanted to locate & highlight the most recent report named: 1. CS IB Adherence 2.Collections Adherence Report from table/list on WebPage .
Identify the report RPA should work
a. Date-Current Date
b. Status - Success: The report is ready
Should work in a loop for multiple file selections.

If it is a web table, you can try two ways

  1. datscrapping: use this option to scrap tables and manipulate it as per your need and then get the data


use the selector approach to select the record based on recent date and status data

So u want to click on report right ?

@NIVED_NAMBIAR yes as of now…later i wanted to insert that in DB.

Hi @Shahrukh_Shaikh1,

In that case, as suggested by @NIVED_NAMBIAR too, selector approach would work better.

You could try following:

  1. you would need to use uiexplorer to determine the right selector tags, in this case, tablerow, tabelcol along with aaname and text fields would work right.
  2. Once, identified, Modify selector to click on the element having recent timestamp


@sonaliaggarwal47 thanks for ur response…do u have any sample workflow file for the same scenario …it will be great help.

@sonaliaggarwal47 @NIVED_NAMBIAR i have extracted the table by data scraping.
I want to select the most recent report based on the below condition
1.Date - Current date
2.status- Success: The report is ready
3. name
from ExtarctDataTable variable
if a report is found/select then click on the Save button in an application? need to select one report at a time.
Can u please help with this