Hello everyone, i need help mouse scroll activity with Oracle application form

I am trying to use mouse scroll activity to move down to the end of the form as shown in the below photo, but the scroll is normal case is not working unless i press and hold the scroll bar and move it. so, when i use the scroll down activity it does not move even if i move used element or distance.
what should i do.

Have a check on the following:

  • type into: pg-down, Selector target to the Scroller
  • get attribute: attribute name: text, Selector target to the Scroller

Also check it within UiExplorer

We were able to implement such a flow to scroll down to end and did repeat pg-down as along the scroller bar text did change. Once we saw the same value we were at the end

Hello @mohamed.saty2012

  1. Try “Send Hotkey” activity with “PageDown” key.
  2. Use “Invoke Code” activity with custom code for scrolling.
  3. For web applications, consider JavaScript injection using “Inject JS Script” activity with a script like window.scrollBy(0, window.innerHeight);

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Don’t keyboard commands work? Try the Keyboard Shortcuts activity with CTRL+END

after inserting the code into the activity i gives me this errorafter inserting the “code BD30456 scrollby is not member of windows” and this is the code after adjusting it window.scrollBy(0, 7)
all the hotkeys are not working by the way. even if you open the window normally not into the UiPath nothig work unless you press and drag down with the mouse only

Was ensured that with e.g a tab the scroller was activated and the hotkey was sent against the scroller?

sorry, can you explain more? I don’t understand what you mean.

Sometimes a click on an element is Not activating it in a way that the sent hotkey is properly received. When using Tabs Till the scroller is activated, we can more reliable check If the hotkey will be accepted or not

I’ve worked a lot with Oracle Forms applets. Hotkeys should work, just make sure it targets the correct subwindow.
Also, input method for Oracle Forms should always be set to Hardware. Then, ctrl-end should scroll you all the way down.