Hello All, i have two entities in data services from orchestrator

Can we join the columns from two entities in data services from orchestrator through studio?

for database joining i used Join wizard activity…likewise can we have join the same as for two columns in data services ??

hi @Vamsikrishna_Talam

Can you please expand more on what you are trying to achieve?

Entities in Data Service already support relationships which will provide record level relationship between two entities. See examples - Creating relationships and Using entities in projects

Once you setup the relationship in Data Service, the relationship flows in Studio and you can use it directly. If you have relationship to Olympics from Medals, you will be able to do things like Medals.Olympics.Year

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To Join the two data tables in database we have join activity, so that we can easily inner join, left join i mean we can join required column data from different datatables, likewise is there any activity to join the entities in data services :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you have a chance to see the documents I shared? Joins are very much a database oriented advanced developer concept that doesn’t work well with modern Entity/Table/Object oriented approaches that are designed for citizen developer.

In Data Service we have concept of relationships, which are similar to joins but simpler and also powerful in certain cases. You define the relationships when designing your Entities, and once you do that, they are seamlessly available to work with in Studio or Apps.

You don’t have to deal with left joins or right joins or inner joins or foreign keys, etc. They just work.

Please read the documentation I linked earlier and search these forums to understand more about this topic.