Hello all, how to split text in pdf

how can i split one pdf file in snippets? I want to separate every part of this pdf: Viçosa.PDF (335.8 KB) and I want to get all the sections like this: Capturar . It’s Possible?

Hey @GabrielMoreno

I’ve worked on your issue and hereby attaching a sample that could help you, i’ve splitted the entire PDF based on spaces got assigned to the String array, if you want to work on individual data in PDF you can loop it.

PDFSplit.xaml (6.0 KB)

Goutham Vijay

I want something like this:Capturar , But thx.


You can use Read Pdf Text and display the output variable in message box.
OR if you want to be in snippets you can follow this workflow

PDFSplit.xaml (5.7 KB)