Hello all, How can we integrate ML or AI python code in Uipath?

Hi, I tried simple python scope activity but it is not working.


Can you share the error message or screenshot?


Hi @Mozammil ,

There are a few posts which refer to the same error, that have already been solved. Have you already looked into that ? Below is one such post :

The reason for the error maybe due to the way python program is scripted. Let us know if you can share us the Python Script/code as well.

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Hi @supermanPunch
I tried after watching the video.
but it showing invoke object error.

@supermanPunch @muhammedyuzuak
I am attaching the screenshots of the error in uipath.

Hi @Mozammil,

It’s pretty hard to make an inference here. Does it give correct results when you try to run it leaving the variables in the script constant?