Headless browser support


I’m just wondering if you ever concidered supporting one of the headless browser liek phantomjs? Maybe I haven’t noticed it but as far as I’ve seen there is no such thing there (yet?). This could be really useful if it would be possible to record on chrome or ie and use selectors magic to run it via headless browser. Or am I missing something?


Check this link, you may get some idea. Me too not sure about the PhantonBrowser or Ghost driver kind of options in UiPath.



@STEMPPA1 I see there is no response on the question regarding headless browser; were you able to make any progress. Can you pls share your experience.


Nothing more than what @ranjith pointed out.


You might not use the the Invisible mode or headless Browser in the way you are thinking, I don’t think after recording from UiPath using Web-Recording you can run in a headless way but it it possible to automate web automation using Headless Chrome and the Puppeteer framework requires proper scripting to automate the same.

I’m not sure whether I was right for what you have asked.