Headers are not displaying


i have 10 excel files in a folder and each excel file have same headers with different data.

i am trying to consolidate all 10 files date into single excel file.

During this i am succesfully able to write into a single excel but headers are not displaying.

i enabled add headers .i am using append range while writing into excel.

can you help the better and short solution to do this.


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Hi @avinashy

Append range doesn’t have the properties of Headers Use Write range instead.

See the image below for your reference.

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Use excel Activity with read range to generate your data base there you will have the headers option to anable or not

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There is package developed by @sudheern called as awesomeDT this package can solve your issue very easily . Otherwise we can use normal activities as posted below .

This package you can find on youtube and forum as well.


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Hi @avinashy,

You can use if condition for write data to excel

Example condition:
If: Check output file is empty
Ture: Write header
False: Don’t write header

For guideline You can refer to the below project
MergeExcelfiles.zip (35.3 KB)

I hope it will be useful to you :blush: