Header repeating every iteration of for each row loop

Hi every one,

i wanted to extract birthday details from pdf Mail. with header like Name, Department, DoB

every thing working fine at last i have appended this “Name” + “Department”+“DoB” along with date format.

Due to its for each loop so when ever its more than one mail pdf its desplaying n number of headers

for example i have two pdf mails then its giving one day birthday details space and again header

i wanted to eliminate the duplicate header , i have searched forum for this one but its given for excel only

for instance i am attaching the screen shots of the problem, picture is more than words.

thanks in advance

@gurrapujp After read range use remove duplicate rows on the datatable.

i am not using read range activity just manipulating the string

@gurrapujp At the end where is the data shown in the image written to?? Not necessary to use read range but if you have data in a data table you can use remove duplicate rows.

in the above picture

1.First One is header
2.Second one is New line or space for separation of pdf mail
3.this one (FMail_2) has the entire extracted data like name department dob for isntacnce

Name Department Date of Birth

xyz admin 02 sep

If I remove/not adding this header header is disappears if i add this header then its repeating